Friday, April 29, 2011

Days 5 and 6—Be sure to wear a flower in your hair...

We left camp early and headed for San Francisco. The first stop was the exploratorium, which we did not originally intend to be the activity for the whole day, but ended up being quite interesting. I highly suggest bringing my husband with you if you ever go, he´s got a knack for explaining why you should be excited about the exhibits. He says, ¨The people there are excellent at creating visually arresting, fun, interactive exhibits which also teach good science¨. After the museum closed we did our requisite drive over the golden gate bridge.

For dinner we chose Chinatown´s House of Nanking. We thought the food was excellent, especially the onion cakes.

We stayed the night at the Hotel North Beach. This was a really interesting experience, the hotel is in a obviously historic building in Chinatown next to the aforementioned restaurant. Shared washrooms are an interesting feature, but not a problem. In the evening, we got a little taste of why we don´t want to live in the big city anymore, with police blocking of the street in front of the hotel for some reason.

While wishing we could teleport back for lunch, we made our break the next day. On to Yosemite...

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