Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Days 33 and 34—Glacier to Calgary

After leaving Yellowstone after dark, we could have just driven a bit and found a hotel, but my husband was anxious to see Glacier National Park, and full of energy to drive, so we drove through Montana all night. This involved me periodically waking up to whine about how this was a really bad idea, how I could never sleep well in the car, how we should really just get a hotel, and then promptly passing out for another couple of hours. When I woke up again, we were in farmland full of cows and horses and deer wandering all around the road. Have I mentioned yet, the theory thawe've seen most of the cattle in the western hemisphere on our trip (including the part to Brazil)?
I was really, really sleepy and hence really, really wanted to stay at the Dancing Bears Inn, even though we were almost at Glacier National Park.
¨Oooo, Horsies!¨
This is actually the stretch of driving where a deer jumped into our car, cracking the (plastic) hubcap. I hope it was alright. ¨Ooo, pony!¨
Glacier National Park was still very snowy, but the Going-to-the-Sun Road was still open half way up, so we drove up it away.
We stopped and took in the vast, snowy landscape. I´ve always thought the Rockies look like they were painted on the sky until you begin to drive up them.
Triple Divide Peak is were the water flowing one way flows to the Pacific, another way to the Mississippi, and a third way flows to Hudson´s Bay. It was time for us to flow away from the Pacific as well.
We enjoyed the beautiful mountains and lakes....
And the snow beginning to melt...
Finally, after a long drive in which we had to stop for nap breaks a lot, we made it past the Canadian border, and got to spend some time in Calgary with my Uncle and Aunt and Cousins.
This is also the point at which we remembered we don´t have a map of Canada on our GPS, so we stopped in at a CAA (you know, AAA, but in Canada) and got a big pile of maps.

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