Friday, May 27, 2011

Days 34 to 37—Edmonton (In which my husband actually wants to go to the mall)

After loading our car with maps in Calgary, we headed north to Edmonton. Along the way, my husband said, ¨Hey! I think this is the farthest north I´ve ever been!¨ 

Two minutes later I say, ¨Hey! I think this is the farthest north You´ve ever been!¨

In Edmonton we stayed with my cousin and her two super cute dogs. I got really attached to the little one.
The first night we went to the West Edmonton Mall and ate dinner at the Wok Box in the food court. We ending up going back all three days we were in Edmonton. The next morning, my cousin made yummy waffles, we played with the dogs and let them outside and we headed back to the mall. We were thinking of going to World Waterpark, but they were changing some slides and many of the rides were closed. They did have a discount, but it didn´t seem worth it. 

My next goal was to finally go on the Mindbender rollercoaster in Galaxyland. The last time I had been to the West Edmonton Mall (and the only time previously when I was tall enough to ride), I was recovering from being sick, and I actually managed to throw up before I got on the ride. I´d like to say my mind was bent by the thrill, but I think it was mostly my neck being bent.

The mall always reminds me of a childhood favourite book, Code Red at the Supermall, in which two teens help their police officer father solve a string of bomb threats in the West Edmonton Mall. Besides the premise, I am very skeptical, even with a parent working for the mall and receiving a discount, of the amount of money spent by the main characters. I would love to someday stay in the themed Fantasyland Hotel for a night, but not on this trip.
The West Edmonton Mall has lots of attractions. A pirate ship:
When I was younger they had dolphin shows here, but now the have Sea Lions:
Corridors Decorated like Paris and New Orleans:
An Indoor Skating Rink:
And of course, my childhood favourite mall treat:
When you add in the casino and shooting range, you can see why my Mall-Phobic husband wanted to come back again!

I'm still wondering if anyone told American Apparel that their shop is in Chinatown...
After staying at the mall longer than planned, we made a beeline through Saskatchewan, stopping only long enough for gas, late night naps and to take a picture of the Giant Ukrainian Easter Egg.
This Picture was taken at about 10:30PM when the sun was setting over Saskatchewan.

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